August 1st, 2016 - Written by ETG Staff

It’s been a rough year for young competitors. With news breaking that major tournament hosts will no longer allow any player under 18 to compete at their events, a possible career in eSports for a thirteen year-old up-and-comer is simply a waiting game. So where do these competitors go from here? Knowing how most of these players operate, sitting around and fiddling thumbs are simply not an option. Elite Tournament Gaming has come up with a firm solution:

ETG AMLeague

The ETG AMLeague is designed to keep young amateur players in the game by offering LAN and online tournaments that not only give them competitive experience, but also ranks them individually, helps them gain a reputation, aids them in forming teams with similarly skilled players, and offers an opportunity to get spotted by a professional organization who may be searching the League Leaderboard for fresh new talent for their squads.

We sat down with Ryan Russo, co-founder and President of Elite Tournament Gaming, to get the inside scoop on AMLeague and what the future holds for young, up-and-coming players:

For you, what is the most important aspect of ETG AMLeague?

Ryan Russo: Two things. One: Giving young players an incentive to keep competing and stay in the game. Two: Giving young players an opportunity to gain notoriety, get competitive experience, and have a chance to get drafted by a professional org once the time comes and they are ready to compete on the big stage. 

Do you really think professional organizations will check the AMLeague ranks to pick up new players for their squads?

Ryan Russo: Once the AMLeague catches on, yes, absolutely. I'd say give it a season or two to fully blossom. We want ETG to be the official Minor Leagues. 

You guys have never hosted outside of New York. Do you plan on taking your events nationwide to further support AMLeagues' growth?

Ryan Russo: We will be finishing off the first season of AMLeague in the Empire State. Going national is something we are highly considering for season two.

Luckily, for players far far away from NY, there will be online tournaments!

Ryan Russo: Yes, the AMLeague season one will have five online tournaments. We are offering out of state/ country players the opportunity to compete and earn a rank as well. 

What's the AMLeague Championship?

Ryan Russo: The championship is for all the glory. The top sixteen teams (by accumulative points) will compete and the final four players remaining will be the season champions. They will be regarded as the best amatuer players currently in the world. If that doesn't get the attention of Optic Gaming, I don't know what will! 

This all sounds extremely exciting! We look forward to watching the ETG AMLeague grow into your full vision! 

Ryan Russo: Same! We're are truly excited to give amateur players a place to call home! 

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