In every sport there is always a competitor so good, so consistant, so undeniable that they deserve the admiration of their peers and opponents alike. Boxing had Tyson, golf had Tiger, basketball had Jordan, and amatuer eSports has Simplicity: a 15 year old competitive Call of Duty player from Oceanside, New York who is currently undefeated in the ETG eSports circuit. 


What makes a player like Simplicity play so unstoppable? Is it practice and dedication, a higher level of understanding and awareness, or is he simply blessed with an innate ability to dominate the game? We sit down with Chris "Simplicity" Lehr in an attempt to uncover just what it is that makes him one of the best at what he does.

ETG: Was there a specific point in time when you realized you were meant to compete?
Simplicity: After my first local event I started to realize that I could actually do something with competitive gaming. From there I started to take competitive gaming seriously.

ETG: What was your first Event experience like? Did you place well?
Simplicity: My first event was amazing. It was ETG10, and at the time it was the biggest local to happen. I placed 3rd out of 38 teams and it made me feel great that I could place like that my first event.

ETG: What in-game advice would you give to up-and-coming amateur players?
Simplicity: I would tell them to just keep grinding - that's what needs to stay consistent. You just need to keep going no matter what to get anything out of this.

ETG: How important is team chemistry? Are you able to adapt to different players, or do you prefer sticking with a     set team for the long haul?
Simplicity: Team chemistry is one of the most important things to have. Yes, I can adapt to different players, but if I have something going with a set squad it gets to the point where that chemistry works more than anything else.

ETG: What makes your play-style so unique? Why is it so hard for other players to emulate what you do?
Simplicity: I get in people's faces with an AR rather than stay back. I'm in the Hardpoints and such with my SMG players helping to hold everything down. Most people aren't used to having an AR up-close-and-personal getting into gun fights with SMG players.

ETG: You're arguably the best player currently in the ETG Circuit. In your opinion, what makes you such a dominant   competitor?
Simplicity: I believe it's my reaction time and accuracy that makes me so dominant in the ETG Circuit.


May 25th, 2016 - Written by ETG Staff

Simp's team drops zero maps at ETG12     

Simp defeats pro team CLG at ETG11     

ETG: Do you follow set plays and position yourself accordingly, or do you and your squad come up with strategies on a fly?
Simplicity: Honestly, it's a little bit of both. Depending on what is going on in-game and how we're feeling we'll either stick to a play or wait for our "play-caller", who will signal us to start making in-game decisions on a fly.

ETG: If there is one thing you could improve upon in-game, what would that be? What's your best game type?
Simplicity: Discipline in the sense of staying back and waiting for my team before pushing - that is probably my weakest point of gameplay. My best game type is definitely hardpoint, which revolves around kills and map control.
ETG: With COD titles being released yearly, is there a key to staying consistently good from game to game? How do you feel about the inevitable switch over to Infinite Warfare?
Simplicity: Just grind and learn as much as you can before other competitors. I think Infinite Warfare will be a good game. A lot of people don't like the jetpacks or thrusters but I think it makes the game more fun.

ETG: Will the ETG AMLEAGUE keep you in the competitive scene now that MLG is 18+?
Simplicity: Yes this league will be an amazing place to compete and stay variant plus let me keep up with all of the respawn game modes.

ETG: Thanks for taking the time to speak us today! Best of luck at all future ETG events! 
Simplicity: Thanks! Always looking forward to another great event from ETG!

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