Jul 2, 2017

Any events close to Pittsburgh pa ?

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are there any events bekng held in or anywhere close to Pittsburgh PA

Jul 3, 2017

As of right now no. We are only staying within the tri-state NY area.

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  • Kuoda
    Sep 12

    Hi everyone, Wanted to clear something up because there is a lot of confusion regarding what headsets you can and cannot use. 1) Any wired headset is allowed. With or w/o mixamp. 2) Headset is OPTIONAL. BUT there is NO GAME SOUND on the monitors. 3) Mixamps are optional as well, but they are the best way to get game sound and hear your teammates without the use of game chat 4) If you plan on renting a mixamp from us, all the cables (power, optical, daisy chain/aux cord) are included. The only thing not included is a headset. 5) Any headset that has a 3.5mm headset jack (can plug into a controller) should work with the mix amp, cannot say with 100% certainty but Ive tried multiple headsets with it and its fine. So thats basically it. If you plan on renting a mix amp (old Astro mixamp not the TR) from us it is $20 including all the cables. If you forgot any pieces of your own mix amp (daisy chain/aux cord) or a microusb to plug in your controller we rent those as well for a $5 fee. Please bring an ID that we can use as collateral. Thanks and hope that clears any confusion Kuoda
  • Kuoda
    Jun 16, 2017

    We need volunteers for ETG 14! The requirements are: You need to be 16+ You need to know the game You need to follow directions set forth by ETG management. You need to be going to the event (July 22nd in Nanuet NY) You CANNOT be playing in the event. All volunteers will be given an ETG shirt for their service. This is NOT a paid position. You will NOT need to pay the entry fee for spectators. All possible volunteers will have a short interview with ETG management to determine if they fit our needs (Either skype or discord). Casters MUST have some type of demo with them to be considered. If you have any questions please post them here or contact the ETG twitter (@eliteTgaming) You can fill out the volunteer application here:
  • ImJuego
    Oct 16

    You guys should make a side tournament at ETG for people who want to go but play MWR.

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