May 20, 2017

Serious players only please F/A for ETG!!


Im 19, looking for a team 18+. I could fund myself to go to etg. I have lan XP. I dont have an ego. My strong point is S&D. If I have a team that's good in respawn i could slay out for you. I go by the name of Roabotix. MY twitter is @Roabotix message me and we could talk. I REALLY REALLY want to find a team and go get this W at this years ETG LAN.

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  • projektcrimsongaming
    Sep 28

    We are looking to recruit and put together a solid Call of Duty team to represent us in ETG tournaments in 2020 we are an upstart team we will fund team passes, and provide team jerseys. We want to bring in the best players that is willing to put in the work that means showing up to all team scrims on time, team meetings, and competitions and is not afraid to produce content for the team youtube channel. We are the Next Generation in esports and we believe ETG could possibly be the Next Generation Competitive platform to showcase the best talent esports has to offer.
  • sinceremafiaofficial
    Aug 26, 2018

    We are a brand new up and coming organization looking for 3 players willing to grind together and get better For the black ops 4 season. We are looking to pick players up from the eastcoast between the philadelphia and newyork areas. please email us @ with any questions we would be happy to fill you in!
  • meltx702
    Aug 27, 2018

    I am a Anchor/OBJ. Twitter @DerekMelts

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